The puzzle box 'The Quest of the Naughty Elf', is a new and unique way to wrap your child's Christmas eve gift. They must decipher and solve the puzzles that is scattered around the house in order to retrieve the final combination.🔒

With the 'Puzzle Box' you will literally get to lock their Xmas present away until they have completed their treasure hunt and figured out the combination. This way the fun of gift giving wont be over when they eagerly rip open the wrapping, it is way more fun.

This is a fun filled 'Treasure hunt' hunt for children aged 7+ ( The younger the children are the more help you may need to give them). This is something which is fun for all the family to get involved in!!

This is an amazing and exciting way to give their Christmas eve gift!

The 'Puzzle Box' is perfect for Escape Room enthusiasts, wanna be detectives, spy fans or treasure hunt lovers.

The best part is, its only £14.99!!

The last day for international shipping for Christmas is 12 December 2020. This being said I can't guarantee that any post will be delivered in time for Xmas due to these uncertain times, even if the items are posted before the 12th December. This counts for international & UK.
This being said I will be trying to ship out orders ASAP to try and get your parcels to you as quick as possible.


Your fellow naughty elf has locked up your Christmas Eve present and scattered puzzles throughout the house. You will need to follow the trail of clues in order to figure out the combination to your gift.

Are you up for the treasure hunt?

The Hunt is based around 8 different puzzles and riddles that they will need to complete. Each puzzle or riddle will lead on to the next.
The final puzzle will give them their 3 digit combination.

I have tried to incorporate elements of an 'Escape Room' within the puzzles so it isn't solely riddles that they will need to solve.


The 'Treasure hunt' is an indoor activity, please look at this checklist to make sure you have all the locations/items in your house to hide the 'Puzzle cards'

* A toy box or somewhere your children put their toys
*A coat pocket
*Kitchen Cabinet

What you will get
* 1X Cardboard box (flat packed)
*1X Chain
*1X 3 digit padlock
*1X Set up instructions
*1X Cheat sheet
*1X Puzzle pack

Measurements of box - 22.2cmX15cmX8.8cm

This does NOT include wrapping paper.

Christmas eve Puzzle Box