he 'Puzzle Box' - 'The Pirates Treasure' is a new and unique way to wrap a gift, whereby the recipient must decipher and solve the puzzles in the Pirate scroll to retrieve the combination and unlock their present!

With the 'Puzzle Box' you will literally get to lock their present away until they solve the case. This way the fun of gift giving wont be over when they eagerly rip open the wrapping, it is way more fun.

The Story 🔽

Your ancestor 'Captain Salvador' has left you a scroll with a series of puzzles hidden within which you must solve in order to unlock the treasure.

The 'Puzzle Box' is perfect for Kids aged 7+, who are escape room/puzzle enthusiast, Pirate lovers or just someone who loves a challenge!

This 'Puzzle Box' is best solved with 2 or more kids or with a supervising adult. The puzzles have been designed for Children aged 7+ to be able to solve, however everyone thinks differently, which means some children will find it harder than others.

What do you get?

*Flat pack box
*Padlock (colours vary)
*Instructions of assembly
*Scroll tube (the tube is cardboard with a plastic cap at either end)
*Scroll (Puzzles) Please note the paper has been printed with a tea stain affect background only on one side of the paper.
*Clue Sheet ( to help them along the way)

All you will need to get is a felt tip pen, this is only required when solving the word search puzzle.

Measurements of box - 22.2cmX15cmX8.8cm
Measurements of Scroll tube- 24cmx3.8cmx0.15cm

Puzzle Box- The Pirates Treasure