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Your father, the leader of a well established gang mob has been abducted and held for ransom. You didn't want any part of the corrupt family business, but you have been dragged into this after he stole something from very important people.

You have been threatened that if the item he stole is not returned in 1 hour he will be terminated, and they will come for you next. 

Find out what he stole and return it, failure is not an option.

Suitable for ages 7+

The three Trials of Christmas


Listen up cadet, you have been invited to take part in the christmas trials to see if you have what its takes to becomes Santas new apprentice.

You must be brave, smart and most of all kind hearted, the trials will test you on all. Assemble your team, choose your time slot and get ready.

The Quest of the Serpent Staff


The mischievous and naughty Cornish knockers have stolen the magical ‘Serpent Staff’ which has been emitting a magical forcefield. Anyone unluckily enough to be too close has been turned to stone!

There is only a 60 minute window before the next wave, you must find and retrieve the serpent staff, or you too will suffer the same fate.  

But be warned, these cheeky creatures won’t make it easy for you!

Minimum group size 3 players.

Suitable for ages 6+ 

This room is located at HEARTLANDS, pool.

No refunds or reschedules will be made if you go to the wrong location!