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Ever wondered what it would be like to go inside someone else's imagination? Solve a murder? Discover hidden treasures? Or even travel back in time to re-write history? At Cornwall's Great Escape Rooms you will be able to embark on a magical, exciting, and challenging journey. Solving puzzles, combinations, riddles and work as team against the clock to finally find the final key to escape!

Covid-19 update

Since re-opening, we are following government guidelines to keep you safe.

To find out what we precautions we are taking

Birthday Surpise - Apr 2021

Great fun with our group of 4, our friends joined us to celebrate my birthday.... Thanks for a great time and much fun 🎉❤️


Great experience - Nov 2020

The rooms are always well done. The puzzles and the themes all tied in well together. Nice safe environment with covid measures in place.

Award winning Escape rooms