Upcoming Helston rooms!

Whilst our rooms in Helston won't be available to play for a little while, you can still get your space ready at 20% off! 

While we don't want to spoil much, we can say that you can look forward to fractured fairytales, a scary horror-themed room, and an exhilarating bank heist!

Our Early Bird Vouchers are valid for 12 whole months following the opening of our new location, and are only able to be used for these brand new rooms!

Our Available
Escape Rooms!

Copy of the Family business (3).png

Family Business

Please help! My father has been kidnapped and in his absence, all I have is a note for his ransom. The only problem is they don’t want money. They said I would know what they want, but I don’t! I didn’t want anything to do with the ‘family business’, I hate crime. He’s gone too far this time. He and his thugs have stolen something very important!


They have threatened me that if I don’t return this ‘thing’ within an hour he will be terminated and they are coming for me and anyone I tell next, so I guess you too. Sorry!

Suitable for ages 12+ due to difficulty

**Facemasks are recommended in the reception area**

Copy of JollyRoger .png

The Secrets Aboard the Jolly Roger

In the late 18th century the infamous ship the Jolly Roger and its crew ruled the seas. Tales of their piracy were spread far and wide, they were notorious for smuggling loot and contraband into Cornwall. The crew hid the ship in caves along the Cornish coast to avoid it being hijacked or raided.


But one autumn evening after the crew concealed the ship, they were ambushed in a tavern not far from here. They fought hard, however, the ship's whereabouts were lost along with its crew that night. Her location has been a mystery ever since. It is rumoured that during the crews’ final voyage they discovered the lost city of Atlantis and documented its exact location! Hundreds of years have since passed and the ship and her crew have long been forgotten- until now!

Suitable for ages 7+

Difficulty 4/5 (can be made  easier on request)

**Facemasks are recommended in the reception area**