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Time to put your skills to the test, in a race against time.

Assemble your team

Who will be your team leader, who has the brains, who is logical? Form your power team!

Get solving

Crack the puzzles and escape before time runs out...

A book may engross you, a film may captivate you, but you can’t physically be part of the story… Until now!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go inside someone's imagination, discover hidden treasures, or even travel back in time to re-write history?

At Cornwall's Great Escape Rooms you can embark on a magical, exciting, and challenging journey. Solving puzzles, combinations, and riddles in a team against the clock to find the key to escape!

Frequently asked questions

"What is an escape room?"
Escape rooms are real-life, physical adventure games whereby players must solve puzzles, crack codes and find combinations and keys to escape a room within a set time. 

"Who can play?"
Our escape rooms are designed for players 7 years and over.
They are ideal for families, friends, parties and team building days.

"How long does it take?"

Our rooms are designed to take you on an immersive and exciting journey for around 60 minutes. Depending on experience, group dynamic and enthusiasm you may need more or less time. Should you go over the hour, as long as you arrive on time we do allow you an extra 10-15 minutes for you to complete your game.

"I'm a little claustrophobic, am I actually locked in?"

No. We do not lock any of our doors and you are free to leave at any time and rejoin your game if you wish.

"What should I wear?"

Unless stated you do not need to wear any specific clothing or footwear. Just be mindful you will be on your feet for the best part of an hour so suitable footwear is required- don't be that girl who struts around in 6-inch heels- the shoes always come off eventually! And we're all indoors, no need to worry about waterproofs once you've arrived.

"I have a dog and don't want to leave them in the car"

We are dog friendly! You are welcome to either take your dog into the room with you- providing they are well behaved, quiet and toilet trained! Or you can leave your dog with our game masters who will be more than happy to sit and cuddle them in the office. PLEASE let us know if you are bringing your four-legged friends- we don't want multiple dogs running around the building causing chaos...again!

"I'm allergic to dogs, will that be an issue?"

No worries! If your allergies are particularly bad then just let us know in advance, we do have a dog in the building occasionally so if it helps then we can do an extra hoover around before your booking! All rooms are cleaned between games too.

"I am booking for a large number of people but I don't want to pay the full amount upfront in case any drop out"

We get it. Booking for a big number of people can be difficult, especially if your inviting that one friend who is particularly flaky, and always drops out last minute. We recommend you book for the minimum amount of players and any extras can pay on the day.

Do you offer discounts for Students, NHS, Emergency service workers and Military discounts?

Yes! ID cards and proof will be required when you arrive for your game.




Apply codes at check out and please bring your ID with you on the day.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more questions!

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