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The 'Puzzle Box' - Chasing the Tree of Life, is a new and unique way to wrap a gift, whereby the recipient must decipher and solve the puzzles in the case file to retrieve the combination and unlock their present!


With the 'Puzzle Box you will literally get to lock their present away until they solve the puzzles. This way the fun of gift giving wont be over when they eagerly rip open the wrapping, it is way more fun. 

This is an amazing and exciting way to give a birthday present 

The 'Puzzle Box' is perfect for Escape Room enthusiasts or any wanna be detectives! 


*THIS DOES NOT COME ASSEMBLED. Please don't send straight to the recipient *



Your father has gone missing on his expedition where he was trying to find the next clue to locate the 'Tree of life'.

He sent your sister Lara his latest research incase he didn't return. The only thing is he has coded his work to make sure it didn't get into the wrong hands. 

Lara has sent you his research to see if you can help her decode his finding and figure out which Mayan temple holds the next clue. Maybe this way you can find his last location?

Age 14+


What they will need to do is

- Complete the Mayan Alphabet 
- Figure out which temple the next clue to the 'Tree of Life' is located in order to find your Father. 

So are they up for it?

Age 14+

(This is because there are some complex puzzles involved, however with adult supervision it should be OK)

I would recommend doing the 'Puzzle Box' as a group of 2 or more as it makes the experience a lot more fun working as a team.

BOX MESSURMENTS - 22.2cmX15cmX8.8cm

What do you get? 

*Flat pack box (This may be brown or white depending on what my supplier has in stock)
*Instructions of assembly
*Research file (what they need to solve in order to get into their box) 
*Access to online clues ( to help them along the way)


Please note - If you purchase 2 of the same puzzle box you won't get different puzzles. 

Puzzle Box -Chasing the tree of life

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