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Looking for a remarkable family festive gift that transcends the ordinary? Our lockable puzzle box promises an enchanting adventure like no other! Whether it's your kids, friends, or family members, prepare for an exhilarating journey filled with elaborate and mind-bending puzzles. These puzzles lead to the ultimate prize – their Christmas gift, hidden within the box.


Each puzzle offers a clue to the next, with the lock's combination remaining a delightful secret until all puzzles are conquered. This adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the gift-giving experience.


🎅 The Elf Trials - Your Holiday Quest 🎅This year, Santa has sent you a unique Christmas challenge to determine if you have what it takes to become one of Santa's Elves. He has created a series of enchanting Christmas puzzles which once solved will unlock the very first gift of Christmas! The Elf Trials make an extraordinary, heartwarming gift for all ages.


🎈 Key Features:

Suitable for ages 5+ (participants under 8 may require adult assistance)

1x Flatpack Puzzle Box (Size: 222x150x88 mm)

1x Puzzle Envelope with Answer Envelope

1x Chain

1x Padlock pre set

1x Assembly InstructionsOnline Clues are available 


🎉 Perfect for Any Occasion 🎉The lockable puzzle box is a fun and memorable way to present a gift, ideal for birthdays, Christmas, proposals, and even hen and stag parties. Please note that wrapping paper is not included.

Puzzle Box- The Elf Trials

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