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Lock away your phones and dive into an extraordinary journey with our lockable puzzle box—the ultimate test of wit and determination! Solve a series of intricate puzzles, including engaging trivia questions, solve the puzzles together as a family to unlock your gadgets.

With only one device allowed for internet access (like a laptop for research), this puzzle box encourages teamwork and bonding. Discover facts about different countries, strengthen family connections, and create lasting memories as you work together to crack the code.

Perfect for gadget lockdowns, this immersive experience promises an unforgettable adventure filled with anticipation and excitement. Gift an experience that brings the family together for a unique puzzle-solving journey! 🎁🌍


📜The Story 📜

The Postcard Odyssey" puzzle box—a captivating journey through global adventures and discovery! Inspired by your dad's worldwide travels, this unique puzzle box features a series of postcards sent to your mom from every corner of the world. Each postcard is a captivating puzzle waiting to be unraveled, inviting you to solve trivia questions, decipher sentences, and tackle puzzles inspired by the diverse destinations your dad explored.


📦 What's Included 📦


1x Flatpack Puzzle Box (Size: 222x150x88 mm)

1x Map pack (Puzzles)

1x Chain

1x Padlock

1x Assembly InstructionsAccess to Online Clues for All Participants

Puzzle Box -The Postcard Odyssey

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